Blessings & Benefits

One of the benefits of Tender Mercies is the number of ways it blesses everyone involved in the process.

Producing Tender Mercies meal packets offers easy volunteer options for a wide range of ages. Church and civic groups can spend two hours of enjoyable time packaging food for those in need.

Not-for-profits are always looking for food to distribute that is easy to prepare and has a stable shelf life. All one needs to do is boil water to make a Tender Mercies meal. Measuring devices are not needed as each bag is marked with a water line, and pictures eliminate any language or literacy barriers. Spices and meat or vegetables can be added to make ethnic variations. Kosher and vegan designations increase its appeal.

Those who receive Tender Mercies, are blessed on a number of fronts. It is easy to prepare. It provides fiber, protein and high nutritional value. Most importantly, especially to families with young children, Tender Mercies tastes delicious.