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Hunger is not limited to the United States. Midwest Food Bank (MFB) has a division in East Africa, called Kapu, Africa, (Swahili for Africa’s Collection Basket).

MFB developed a relationship with Soy Afric, an indigenously owned Kenyan partner to many relief agencies. Soy Afric began full scale production of Tender Mercies Kenya in 2015 with an initial order of 11,000 pounds. It is made solely from Kenyan/East African ingredients, making it an all Kenyan product. Kenyan farmers grow the lentils, rice and beans. A single serving contains a boost of Vitamins A, C and D, and a broad range of nutrients. Each package is marked with water quantities and picture instructions to remove any language barriers.

Tender Mercies Kenya is currently being shipped to 8 schools, 3 orphanages, and 2 AIDS support groups. It has also been given directly to families by 2 of the agencies MFB supports in Kenya. Since production began, about 60,000 servings have been produced. By the end of 2016, we hope to have provided nearly 500,000 meals.

Are you able to provide lunch for food-insecure children around the globe? Yes! The production of Tender Mercies Kenya has been streamlined and made very cost-effective. Your sponsorship dollar goes a long way toward helping others.


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